The Home Gym/Outdoor Gym Workout Videos

I have finally started posting videos! So if you are interested in seeing what a stone throwing workout looks like or want to check out some other homemade gym equipment in action, bookmark this page. I plan to post every workout, unless it is redundant, so stay tuned.

These workouts are just a record of my progress, and sometimes they will illustrate something I have written about. As of today I am about a week into a new effort to build up my strength, so this is an ideal time to begin this video training log; at the beginning. Have mercy, I’m in the video learning process!

Today’s workout:


– Joint rotations, running.
-Hindu pushups, side planks, isometric pushup holds (x2 sets)


-Dips (between sawhorses) 3 x 6


3 rounds of:

-Turkish get-ups w/ 53# dumbbell x 3 (goal.)
-Ring Pushups x 10 (goal.)
-Jumping Burpees

The dips weren’t recorded, sorry, maybe next time.

Here is are the clips of the workout:

For a quick tutorial on putting together the rings in the video, click on the link below:

how to make homemade gymnastics rings

Heavy Stones and Homemade Macebell Swinging:

Heavy Stones – Interval Training Workout for Stren…

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