Strength Training, Writing and Life – The Changing Face of MosLadder

MosLadder started out of a need to express my newly discovered lease on life. I started it to address more exciting ways to work out and explore the potential of the human body. I started it to post my creative ideas for keeping out of traditional gyms that always seemed so soul-crushing to me. In some ways I have addressed that goal and in others fallen short. Always i tried to stay away from the mundane.

But MosLadder was supposed to be as much about recording my new life as it was about strength training and conditioning. It is supposed to be about facing real challenges and not just showing off nifty workout equipment.

It began after a wake up call to get up, get moving and stop stagnating. My wake up call hadn’t been a bout with a serious disease or the loss of any bodily functions. It was, in part, due to the death of a close friend, someone who would say to me, “I thought you were going to do something more with your life?” When he died, I recognized the way he lived. He was a person who took action. He didn’t just try things or talk about doing them, he jumped in.

That’s the basic premise behind MosLadder. Jumping into life. Not just drifting through it. So welcome to the new face of Mos. If you are one of the handful of regular readers who has graced us with your presence, don’t worry; there will still be plenty of interesting workouts, and likely some unusual modifications to new and traditional equipment.

Some of the coming topics include:

Strongman Training-My attempt to prepare for the Southern California Strongman competition in a year.

Making the Garage Gym Fun for the Kids

Smart Workouts-Shortcuts to Any Athletic Goal

So keep stopping by. You never know what’s in store.



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