Strength Training Journal for Strongman, make that Powerlifting Competition

Ah, there is nothing like having to redo work you already finished, posted and supposedly saved. Thanks Blogger. But oh well, serves me right for not saving my last post on my computer. So today was a rest day, but not entirely. Something was working, mostly my mouth as I shoveled food into it. Let’s break this down, I’m training for a powerlifting competition and have put on hold the strongman competition.

Why Mo??!!?? Several reasons. One is time. Strongman is a lot more involved with regards to the training I feel I will need to do, and there does not seem to be an open entry contest in my region in the next 6 months. I would like to compete in the next 3 months. Powerlifting, on the other hand has tons of meets over the next few months and is only three lifts! HAHA!

So let’s get to today’s activity. Training? Try none, except some light stretching and an easy 15-20 minute jog. The main activity today was eating. Here is a list as well as i can recall it:


Coffee- 1 cup
Pancakes (not whole grain) w/ maple syrup: 2
Half a chicken salad sandwich w/ lettuce and tomato.

Snack: Peanut butter banana smoothie (about 20 oz.)

Lunch: 4 Spinach and chesse raviolis with meat sauce.

Snack: Fruit???

Early dinner: Chicken and rice (brown/white combo,) + 1/2 a hamburger patty.

Later dinner: Hamburger patty with romaine salad and 1 tblspn. ceasar dressing.

Water at every hour to two hours, Probably 8-10 10oz. glasses, and 1-2 cups more coffee throughout day.

Eating this much was a lot of work for me, especially on a day without training. I could have done without the ‘later dinner’ and felt better to, but I didn’t; I ate it-and it was gooood.

With three months before the powerlifting meet, there is a lot of work to do. The numbers are pitiful right now, but sure to rise quick.

At a weight of 198, my goal is to hit a 350# deadlift, 250# bench press, and a 250# squat.
How much can I do now? Let’s just say I am closer to the deadlift than the others right now. Next week the world should know for sure.

Check out the video below for some amazing feats of strength. Until next time!

(This is the same gym the meet will be held at in August.)

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