Simple and Brutal Strength Building TRX Workout

Suspension training using tools like the TRX professional trainer are intense sessions, if you work hard at it. The awkward nature of feeling your body unsupported and having to stabilize itself while performing suspension exercises will wake up muscles you may never knew you had. Plus its fun. Think gymnastics with the intent to do bodily harm, in order to get stronger, bigger, faster,…add your own adjective. Here’s a simple workout to incorporate into your training program using the TRX suspension trainer:

Adjust the TRX so that it sits 8-12 inches off the ground, grab both handles and assume a push-up position, with a steady motion, your arms straight, let your hands out to the sides and lower your body towards the ground. Keep your body stiff as a board throughout the exercise.

These are suspension flyes: 3-5 x 6-12 (higher for muscular endurance, lower for strength and building muscle.)

Next, place your feet in the TRX using the stirrups on the handles, walk out to a push-up position, and perform the push-up pike by doing a push-up and alternately bringing both knees up to the middle, right and left as you come up. Try to get your knees to touch your body each time.

Suspended Push-up Pikes: 3 x 15-20. If you can do more, go for it. Or, add a weighted vest or a push-up clap for more difficulty.

Try these two exercises for a quick workout or as an add-on before or after a heavier workout, it’s a great way to increase balance, work on upper body strength, and stabilize the abdominals and obliques.

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