Sandbag Training – A Super Cheap and Easy to Make Sandbag

Sandbag training can build serious strength and muscle. This is probably why major strongman competitions love to load up giant bags to over 260 lbs. and have their athletes go sloshing through the water with them. But you don’t have to spend a lot of money on this training tool, and it is very easy to make. In fact you can make this sandbag very quickly once you have the materials. It doesn’t have to be filled with sand, either.

Here are three examples of different ‘recipes’ for a making a quick ‘sandbag’ to train with:

-Traditional Sandbag:  Buy sand from the home improvement store, usually 5 bucks a bag for 50 lbs. Buy as many as you need and can fit in your bag. Stuff as many of these as you can into a polyester laundry bag (usually two) Cinch it up tight and start lifting. For added security against sand leakage, wrap the bags in a plastic trash bag first.

-Salt Sandbag: Same as above but using water softener salt bags instead of sand. These are usually sold in 40 lb. bags, so if 50 or 100 lbs. is too much, here is your answer. Cost is about the same as a 50 lb. bag of sand.

Advantage: Less likely to leak.
Disadvantage: Doesn’t yield its shape as well as sand; therefore it can be harder to stuff inside a bag.

-Dump it and fill it: Use rocks, dirt, gravel or another material that won’t hold it’s shape. Dump it into a plastic  bag and then into a duffel, or a laundry bag as above. Seal it up tight and you’re done. You can also do this with sand and salt, which may allow you to fill the bag with more material and consequently, more weight.

The last option is to mix and match any of the methods above. The key is to make sure that whatever material you use to fill the bag is sealed up tight. Leakage is not fun. So go get a good bag and fill it with something, you’ll have fun and get a great workout!

For a sample workout, go here:

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