No Time to Waste Exercises for Burning Fat

You don’t have time to waste reading this.  So I’ll try to be brief.  No superfluous words, no flowery wording.  oh hell, so much for that.  Here’s the quick version for those of you addicted to speed:

These are energy pumping, muscle building, fat burning workouts for the person with only minutes to play:
-Use any available materials anywhere you are.  Anywhere!
-Be creative!  Think like a kid!  Use the walls!  The stairs!  The  playground!
Do these exercises throughout the day and you will be shocked at how effective it is!

Ok, if you are still with me, my aim is to outline three workouts you can do quickly.  The first uses rocks, the second an office environment, the third can be done at the mall, downtown, or at a playground.  Think parkour.  Equipment is simple if you want bells and whistles.  So let’s go!

The Boulders:  Yes, boulders.  Boulder implies a large rock if you didn’t know.  It also implies a massive effort of strength is needed to move it.  Go out to the nearest rock pile; maybe this is at the beach, on a construction site, or right outside your door.  Pick out a couple of nice ones.  Choose sizes from small to the largest you can carry.  Put them in the back of your car or truck, or use them where they are if there is space.  Do the following for three laps each.  A lap in this case is a set distance, straight out and back again.  Make yours about 50 feet either direction.  Or double the laps.

 1.  Pick up light rock and lunge with rock overhead.
 2.  Pick up next heaviest rock, do the “clean and push throw.”  Clean the rock off the ground, or roll it into your lap if you have to.  Get it up to chest level and do a “push throw.”  Chase rock, repeat.

3.  From a side stance, like you’re almost straddling it, lift the weight of the rock and push up from a squat position, twisting your body in the direction of your side throw.  The power for this comes from punching out of  the squat and using this momentum through the side throw.

That’s it for that.  Have fun.  You will  find your quads, biceps, pecs, lats and other muscles involved in these exercises.  Oh yeah, you’ll burn fat.  Ok, no time to waste. Next:

Wall-Ups/Wall Balance Walks/Jump-roping:  Wall-ups are like muscle-ups, where a person does a power pull-up into a dip on rings or a pull-up bar, ending above the bar or handles with arms locked out.  The difference is you get to cheat.  Don’t start smiling until you try it though.  To do this any wall will do.
Jump up and grab the top of a wall, and with as little assistance from your feet against the wall as possible, pull yourself up and then push yourself to an arms locked out position on top of the wall.

Feel free to use feet and elbows, but go for a smooth motion from start to finish.  Three times, then do:

Next get yourself on the wall, or if you’re afraid of heights, find a short wall, and do:
Wall balance walks- On hands and feet,  move right hand/left foot, left hand/right foot as one, and walk the length of the wall like a tiger.

Do the wall-ups and wall balance walks for at least three rounds.

Real Cable Workout for the Office, and Why Armchairs are Your Friends: 

Ok, first buy some cables.  Don’t even hesitate.  Click on a link below and buy a set.  They are inexpensive and take up little space in a briefcase, suitcase, or backpackNot to mention they should pass through airport security.  Here’s a quickie fat burning workout to get the muscles pumped, but the choices are endless:

Do three rounds of the following, 12-20 repetitions each, no rest between exercises:

Cable push-ups:  Drape the cables behind your back and get your hands positioned on the floor holding the cables.  Execute a push-up.  If the resistance is too much,  adjust.  Knock out as many as you can, then go sit down in your armchair for the next exercise.

Arm Chair Dips:  Don’t have arm rests on your chair?  Just bring two chairs together, or extend your feet in front of you while positioning your palms on the edge of one chair.  Lower yourself down, push yourself up.  Then:

Boxing with Cables:  Put your hands in a boxing stance holding your cables.  Your cables are anchored  behind your back.  Now start shadow boxing until it hurts.

There.  Now doesn’t that feel better?  Increase the number of rounds until you can execute about a round a minute for seven minutes.  Check out the links below and choose your equipment.  You know you need it.  Now get to work!

**Want more great workouts to keep your body in tip-top shape? Check out this article:

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