My Amateur Strongman, er Powerlifting Update

Today is a rest day. Hey, hold on now, I didn’t say no work was involved. In fact today’s post is an important one for me. Going on the advice that people are more likely to follow through with goals when they are in the near future, I have opted to prove my strength at a powerlifting competition instead of a strongman.

The reasons for this are simple.

First is the time frame. From what I can tell, there are no open strongman contests in either Arizona or California (two places I am likely to be in the next six months.) This is a problem, because I want to tackle this ‘contest of strength’ goal sooner than later. No rush, mind you, just not next year. The powerlifting meet is only three months away.

Second is the distance. The contest will be in Peoria, Arizona, which is only twenty minutes from my house,

Third is simplicity. Three lifts, no suits or supports (a ‘raw’ meet,)and only one thing required: Strength. Well, strength and power anyway, and technique. Okay, three things…the point is that the strongman contests will require a greater diversity of training implements and a complex strategy. Plus I can’t find one for this year.

Let’s get to the training strategy!!!

I could go on, but let’s get to the training strategy. I can do most of this at home, but I will be hitting the gym (probably the one it is being held at,) to get used to the powerlifting atmosphere.

Right now I am torn between the Westside method and the 5/5 strength method promoted by Pavel. So my plan is to start with the simpler of the two (5/5)and see how I progress. The lifts will be done in order of present difficulty.

Day I: Squat
5/5 after isometric body weight squats, joint rotations and light stretching.

Day II. Bench Press

5/5 after isometric pushup holds, joint rotations and light stretching.

Day III. Deadlift

5/5 after intensive stretching of hamstrings and hip flexors, lower back and groin. Why? Because I have found this method prevents injury and prepares me to go right to a heavier weight. Maybe it’s the ritual of the thing.

Three days in a row? Every other day? Dunno! I’m guessing three in a row, but I am also working on my next belt in tae kwon do, so shoot, depends on how much pain I’m in!

What, no assistance exercises? No bands? Nope, at least not this time. In my case, simple translates into consistency.

That’s it for today. The powerlifting meet is on in three months and this ‘sub-master’ plans on defeating, some, of the other old guys…

For the record, my current weight is ~198 and I suspect I will drop below this before the meet, even eating like I do below.

My Nutrition Log

Am: Coffee w/creamer, 2 thin pancakes and maple syrup.
Green tea.
late Am: Half a chicken salad sandwich on whole grain w/lettuce and tomatoes; half a liter of peanut butter and banana smoothie.(Milk, 2 bananas, 2-3 tablespoons peanut butter, 2 tspns. honey, cinnamon.)

Snack: The other half of the smoothie.

Lunch: 4 spinach and cheese raviolis with meat sauce (beef.) Green tea

8oz. water x 6

The rest of the day is ahead of me. Until next time, check out how easy this guy puts up almost 650 pounds, sick.

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