Lucky Seven -A Strength and Muscular Endurance Workout

This workout will exercise most major muscle groups, and is great for fight sport conditioning.

One of my friends volunteered to do this workout with me to test it out, way before he was in any shape to do it. But he deserves a lot of credit for the mental strength he mustered to get through it. I pretended like it wasn’t that hard, you be the judge. This is a continuous movement workout, the only rest you get is when you finish, or can’t get back up from the “cousin sit-ups.”

Are you ready? Don’t bother warming up, we’ll get there along the way.

You’re going to set up four stations, with one choice from each of the following exercises, in numbered order given:

1. Deadlift: Dumbbells or Barbells (moderate weight, about 70-75% or 1RM)
2. Cousin sit-up squat jumps: (Squat down, roll back, sit-up and pop to squat and jump)
3. Pullups or Bodyweight Rows: Bodyweight rows can be done with the TRX trainer
shown below, rings, or a bar laid on blocks, sawhorses, etc. Keep body straight and tight on both.
4. Decline divebomber push-ups or dips.

1st round is 1 rep each, 1,1,1,1. Round 2 is 2,2,2,2, etc. all the way up to 7 reps on each exercise, done continuously without stopping.

Go for time and push through to the end. Good Luck!

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