Liveblogging 100 Bodyweight Squats

Bodyweight squat are easy, right? I mean what kind of a lameass exercise goes by the nickname of “deep knee bends” and still respects itself? I’d better add some difficulty and pause at the bottom of every 20 for 10 seconds. That, and maybe I’ll go to 150, or 200, okok, let’s get started, hands behind head, looking up:

First 20:

Ok, 100 is going to be too easy. 10, 11, I guess I’m starting to feel something.
19,20, bottom position rest. Sonofabitch, did I say 100? Or was it 50?

And go: 21…28…haaaaowwwww…35, and, 37, and, and …40. Grrrrr,ok,yeah, that’s a pump,still not hard, not..really…hard

what the fuck just happened between 40 and 60? Anyone? hello?

Ok, somewhere around 70 my quads decided I would be better off not going down again…
annnd 72, 73, 74 I’m on the floor. oh crap, can I just start taking painkillers now?

I am I and I am floating outside of a strange man going up and down in place with his hands behind his head

I really think I just forgot which way was up

97, 98, 99, come on deeper, deeper, now all the way up, higher, higher, Ohhh yeahhh!
Ok, so somewhere between 70 ish and 96, I just hit 100. GAAASFRGTASFASER! (Ow.)

So 100 hurts, but I can keep going,let’s try 150…

108, 109, 110, no? Ok, 10 second rest…nap?

Maybe if I go faster, thats it! NOOOO

I’m free, I’m floating free! I can’t feel my legs!

AAAARREGGGRT! I can’t even rest squat anymore, what was that, 126, ahshitfuck

more squats, more than 130, …I don’t f$%^&*&^*^ know how many more! It’s more!

currently kicking ans screaming on the floor like a little girl, hobbling to keyboard, only 12 more.

147, squat, fail, roll on back, get up ’cause I’m a MAN, punish falling with 10, make that 5, second squat rest. Oh Lord have mercy, 150. Kiss my swollen glutes I can’t wait to lay down. Hell, why wait?

Let me see, orange juice + vodka = energy drink. Sounds about right.

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