How to Build Glutes of Steel and Tighter Abs

When I write an article with a workout, I prefer to get straight to the point. After all, your probably reading this because you want to know what the program is, right? So real quick, this article describes a workout for your lower body. Here is an important note: In order to work your lower body, I like to follow a thorough warm-up by high-intensity (80-90% of 1RM) lifting. This is a workout for a person in good shape who has been steadily lifting for several months, so if that’s not you, reduce the weight and then the volume of the workout.

One more important note: Cut out any processed carbs in your diet, and get all carbohydrates from whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. This will make your body cut up a lot faster. Ok, here we go:


Start by warming up your body as completely as possible with, -ankle rotations, knee rotations, 1 leg bent knee rotations, hip rotations, wrist & elbow rotations, shoulder rotations, and neck rotations. About 10 times for each on each side. Then: -Good mornings; legs spread wide, flat back, stretch toward the floor. Go at a slow to steady pace until it becomes a little difficult. This may be 20 or 30 reps, just don’t overdo it.

-Deep squat stretch: Get into a squat with as wide a stance as you can and still get to rock bottom. Your squat is wide enough for you to bring your elbows onto the insides of your thighs, and reach your hands towards the floor. Hold this position for several seconds, then perform 5-10 bottom position partial squats. Partial as in do not come all the way up, keep the tension on. Repeat this 3 or 4 times until you’re feeling warm.


-Back squats from bottom position: Adjust your racks so that you are almost, but not completely in the bottom position of a squat when starting the movement under the bar. Start with a light to moderate weight. Tighten your abdomen from your groin, brace, deep breath, and drive the bar up as you blow out. Your chest should be up, your neck pressing into the bar. Keep this tightness until the set is over. The rep/set structure should look something like this:

60%1RMx10-12 80%1RMx 5-8 + jumping squats 90%1RMx 3-5 + jumping squats 95%1RMx 2-3 + jumping squats. 95%1RMx 2 60%1RMx ? + bodyweight squats to burnout 60%1RMx ? + bodyweight squats to burnout.

You will need 2-3 minutes rest in between these sets for best results. To clarify my method of jumping squat, it is hands laced behind head and jump out of a squat as hard as you can. The harder you jump, the harder you come down. Ouch.


Glute/Ham raises: Using a bench, blocks, or the machine if you are lucky enough to have it. Lay on your stomach, or step into the machine and grab the handles, and keeping your midsection tight, raise your straightened legs together. If you are using a bench, you can put a dumbbell between your ankles for extra resistance. keep the sets/reps at 3×15-20.


Pistols: If you don’t know, a one-legged squat. Alternatively you can do these with your free leg resting on your ankle instead of straight in front of you. Or, hold onto the side of a squat rack and do assisted pistols. If you are the pistol master, you know how many you can do. If not, work in 3-5 reps for each leg for 2-3 sets.

Unless you are a world class powerlifter or champion bodybuilder, this workout should leave your entire lower body limping. By the fifth set of squats, with proper steady form, not rushed, you should be really pushing. With proper tightening of your midsection from your lower abs throughout these exercises, your stomach should feel worked as well.

Next time a nice deadlift workout; and follow this link to more motivational articles by Mo:

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