Home Workout Routines with a Homemade Clubbell

A homemade clubbell is an awesome and fun piece of equipment to have around your gym. They don’t take up much space and are effective an engaging multiple core muscles with every movement. With clubbells, derived from traditional Indian clubs (http://hubpages.com/hub/Indian-Clubs-and-Clubbells) a little weight presents a whopping challenge.

It is generally recommended that men start with one or two 15 pound clubs and women 10 pounds or less, but it all depends on the individual. When I first started trying to swing a club around, 10 pounds was difficult enough. Before I introduce the workout, check out these two videos on making homemade clubbells.

Option 1:

Option 2:

If you prefer to buy the real deal, you can get those here:

RMax Clubbells

Once you have bought or built your club, here’s a great whole body workout to try with it. With heavier weights it may be necessary to use two hands, and make sure to start out light until the movement becomes fluid. Do the following as a circuit and start with 10 reps each in a continuous cycle, adjusting for your fitness level and the weight of the clubbell.

Clubbell Swipes: This is basically the swing with a club, here is a demonstration:

The Clubbell Mill: A great exercise for hip strength and power through the rotation of the torso.

The Jori Swing; long intro, but this guy shows how to do it right:

So there it is. Start out light, perfect the movement, and gradually use a heavier weight. You can also reduce resistance by moving your hand/s higher up on the grip.  Have fun and visit the links below to read more:





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