Heavy Stones – Interval Training Workout for Strength and Power

It was stone lifting time at MosLadder the other day, and it was wicked. The workout consisted of stone lifts and throws (with lighter stones) done in a circuit for 3 rounds.

This workout is great for building strength and power. Although it is short, don’t be surprised if 3 rounds of this leaves you sore for a couple of days. In the videos below I am throwing stones from 20# to 50#, and lifting 93#, 111#, 113# and 133#.

For the larger stones, I lift it like an Atlas stone and once it is at chest level, I push throw it off my chest with my whole body.

Here is the workout:

Homemade Mace Swings:  I have this homemade ‘macebell’ made of galvanized steel pipe, filled with rocks and topped off with a couple of plates and a flange. It weighs about 20 pounds. I started with this as a warm-up, then decided to keep it in to pre-exhaust the muscles.

-Side Throws: Throw all lighter stones, run out and throw them back with the opposite side.

3X lift:   Immediately run to heavy stones and lift. Pull the stone to your lap or straight up and to your chest, get your hands behind it and execute a push throw driving from the ground up.

Repeat for 3-5 rounds. For clarification, watch the videos below. Have fun!

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