First Real Bench Press Workout in a Year

After roughly a year of doing nothing but pushups, the occasional dips and ring flyes, i stepped into a real gym (something I try to avoid,) and knocked out my bench press workout. Are you excited! Hell yeah! I am.

Having worked a little too hard through last weeks bench press workout in the garage, at the mega weight of 135#, I am happy to say my strength is returning quickly. Last year I was somewhere between 240 and 250#, and today I did the following:

135#: warm-up for ~8
185# x 5,5,5,4,3,maybe one more at 2. I can’t remember.


Close grip bench:

95# x~8
105# x~8
115# x `6

None of these sets were hard, which surprised me. I didn’t know I could handle more weight, but not wanting to overdo it I left it at three sets and went home to finish. The sooner I can get out of the gym, the more relaxed I become.

At home I used resistance bands around the back for pushups, simulating a bench press grip:


I stopped when my speed slowed down on a given set.

That is the whole workout. I plan on doing some shoulder presses tonight. The report will be on this desk if it goes down.

The plan continues to follow a 5/5 program, resting for several minutes between sets. Two minutes is about the max and then I have to get moving again, otherwise it gets too boring. This protocol is not followed for assistance exercises, which have shorter rest periods and generally higher rep schemes.


AM: Coffee, shredded mini wheats cereal with organic 1% milk. Half turkey, cheese and tomato sandwich on whole grain bread.

Mid AM snack: Peanut butter banana smoothie with apples, vanilla almond milk, cinnamon and a raw egg white.

After W/O: Roast chicken breast, about 3 oz.; Leftover ribeye, about 3 oz. Whole grain mac n’cheese (what can I say, somebody has to eat the leftovers,) maybe 1 cup.

Not me, …not yet

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