Fast Interval Workout with TRX and Kettlebells

Taking care of kids,working, working overtime, cooking, cleaning, studying, attending classes, shopping for groceries, presents, oh yeah, and sleep. How many of these activities do you combine in a single day? I’m guessing for most people that’s the short list. Notice the terms workout or exercise are not even mentioned there, but unless you’re in a skilled (or unskilled) labor trade, you need to find time for that workout.

In the coming articles I will be talking about what I call “microworkouts.” These are fast, 5-15 minute routines that can be done with little or no equipment. Are they effective? Absolutely. Do a search and find the original scholarly article by Dr. Tabata and his team for the science. Better yet, try one, try two. After all it’s only going to take a few minutes out of your busy day.

In the following video borrowed from youtube, three exercises are performed:

bodyweight reverse flyes on the TRX: A great exercise for the muscles of your rear shoulders and upper back. Increase the angle, increase the level of difficulty. Be sure to keep your body tight and straight like a plank, especially your abdominals.

Jumprope : Uh, duh, it’s a jumprope. A note though: Invest in a good, adjustable one, preferably weighted, unless you want to find it broken on the gym, or garage floor one day. Monkey Bar gymnasium sells a really nice one, see the links below for details.

Kettlebell Swings : There’s a common misconception that this exercise is hard on your lower back, or that it’s a shoulder exercise. Both wrong, unless your’e performing it incorrectly. The bell should stay close to your body as you begin the momentum, sticking your butt out and folding at the hips, not bending your legs. It’s not a deadlift. The power from this exercise comes from your hips, and that propels the bell upward. Less hip drive, lower swing. More (effort!) hip drive, higher swing=more effective.

The trainer in this video chose his tools well. The TRX suspension trainer, kettlebell, and jumprope are three very portable and versatile workout products; Check back frequently to find new articles on microworkouts utilizing these and other great tools. So what are you waiting for? Take the next five minutes and start working out!

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