Combining the TRX with Bodyweight Exercises for Optimum Muscle Development

The title says it all, this post is about utilizing the TRX suspension system in conjunction with a few select bodyweight exercises in a cohesive program to develop muscle.  Not just any muscle though. Read on for a great routine that builds core strength with every exercise, while working out the whole body at the same time. Want an even greater challenge? Add some resistance bands and start building serious muscle.

Not for the weak of heart!


Light jogging, shadow boxing, sun salutations, jumping rope, etc.:  10 minutes.

Workout: (Perform three rounds of each with no more than 20 seconds between exercises.)

Hindu Push-Ups: x20
Scorpion Push-Ups: x 5-10 each side (depending on
strength level.)
Forearm Rocking Push-Ups: x10-15 (Assume regular pushup position, drop to forearms and rock body forward, back, and side-to-side before pushing up again.)

Then, 3 rounds each, 20 seconds or less between exercises:

Reach Under Side Plank: (Click for video) x10 each side:

Adjust the TRX to ~ 6-8 inches above the ground. With your feet rotated in the cradles, keep your body
straight and supported on one arm.  With the other, reach under the side facing the ground while keeping
your body straight.  Turn back to the starting position and reach the arm up to the sky.

Immediately jump to:

TRX Hamstring Curl:  x20. 

Re-adjust your feet in the straps and squeeze the hamstrings to initiate the movement.


Horizontal Body Rows or Plank Rows:

Re-adjust the straps to accommodate a horizontal body row with your arms fully extended.  Use a stool, bench or chair to put your feet on, so long as your body is horizontal or close to it.  For more difficulty, place feet higher, but keep body straight as a board. 

Do 10-15 depending on how strong you are.  If you can do more than this at horizontal, raise your feet higher.


To end this workout I recommend doing a series of about 15-20 upward dogs to child pose stretches.

Remember, by increasing or decreasing the angle of the exercise, you can modify the level of difficulty.  Start out slowly if these exercises are new to you, and walk through the whole workout at a moderate pace and intensity before pushing yourself to give a max effort.

Have fun, and for video instructions on any of these exercises, visit the Suspension Trainer Exercises page.

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