Rocky’s Functional Training in Russia!

Rocky Balboa takes on Mother Russia in Rocky IV! And how does he do it? Not using fancy machines and a team of exercise physiologists, but with good old-fashioned functional training implements anyone can find!

If you haven’t seen the movie Rocky IV, it contains some of the best hardcore functional strength and conditioning in movie history (arguably.) Most important, the only ‘traditional’ piece of equipment Sylvester Stallone uses in this movie is a pull-up bar.

Besides this he uses only what is available in and around the remote Russian farm house he is living in. He goes on runs in the deep snow, pulls loaded sleds with a makeshift harness, saws thick logs, heaves stones, and chops down trees with a massive axe. Talk about some serious core work!

In addition he works on a speed bag, and in one triumphant scene he presses a cart loaded with his training team. Who needs a barbell?

In all of these scenes there is one important ingredient exhibited in every workout: Hard Work ( and dedication. But, of course, hard work requires dedication, so…)

It did not matter what he was doing, he was dedicated to his goal and worked hard to get there. Unrelenting! Here is a great montage of the Rocky IV training segments, showcasing Rocky’s rough and functional workouts with the technical workouts of his Russian opponent. Enjoy, and maybe you can get some great ideas for your own workouts!