Exercise Equipment for doing Pushups? Really?

I am not one to use tools where bare hands or a little sweat equity will do the job. I believe in performing simple tasks through your own power, especially when it comes to exercise. This is why you’d catch me skating a frozen lake in hell before working out in a commercial gym or using a machine. 
There are times when the right tool just does a better job, though. Allows you to expand your workout horizons both mentally and physically. Or maybe your wrists just hurt. In any case, this is why I built my own paralletes; so I could expand my horizons, that is. 
The first pair sucked. When I used this colloquial term, ‘sucked,’ what I actually mean is they creaked and groaned, were too tall to be true paralletes and too short to be true dipping bars. They worked great for things like flat and decline pushups with your feet on a ladder, though, so I kept them. 
Then came the Perfect Pushup. I know you have heard of it, but stay with me a second. You know what’s really great about these things? They twist. Simple right? That, and they put your wrists in a favorable joint position, easing the strain there and forcing your pectoral muscles and triceps to take over.

I laughed when my friend picked these up. “Dude, seriously? They’re frickin’ pushups, just do them on the ground.”
“I know, I know, but just try knocking out twenty of those with the wrist twisting action. It’s harder to do, man.”
And you know what? It was.
I thought about making another, shorter pair of paralletes after that, but I couldn’t get those efficient Perfect Pushups out of my mind. Backtracking to my neanderthal contraptions seemed blatantly ignorant. 

Not that I threw them away! I’m not about to invert my feet five or six feet above my head on the Perfect Pushups. But a few bucks for an extra piece of equipment to keep me motivated? Why not.

You can still find the perfect pushup bars for about $20 bucks at the website below. Or pick up the latest V2 Perfect Pushup handles. What’s the difference? It is a smoother, more stable version of the original, and has a somewhat different (streamlined?) appearance. Pretty cool if you don’t mind paying twice the money. 

If the idea of twisting while you do pushups is a turn-off, basic low paralletes are an excellent addition to your workout room. Check it out:

Prefer to make your own? Here are some great tutorials: