Medicine Ball Slams with NO Medicine Balls-40th Birthday Workout

November 9, 2011. Today is my 40th birthday. For those of you who have passed this hallmark in your life and moved on, good for you. For me, 40 sounds like a big number right now. So, how do I start off this epic year? With an outdoor workout of course!

If you have ever done heavy medicine ball slams, you will love my twist on the traditional exercise. Rock Slams. A great strength endurance set here. Check it out:

Warm up: 

40 joint rotations each for neck, arms, hips, legs.
40 jumping jacks
40 air (bodyweight) squats


40 Rock Slams @35#. View it here:

Ok, 41 rock slams. Happy Birthday to me. Now go grab a rock and celebrate.