The Thor Workout Reloaded-A Twist on Straight Muscle Building

Like most people, I was impressed with the results Duffy Gaver helped Chris Hemsworth achieve for the Thor movie. I’m sure camera angles helped him look bigger and brawnier than he would in real life, but you’ve got to hand it to him, he accomplished a lot in a short time. So how did he achieve it and what did Duffy Gaver have Hemsworth do?

Three elements were present in his thor workout program. 1.) A cycle of heavy, basic compound weightlifting movements-bench press, squat, etc. 2.) Clean eating with plenty of vegetables, fruits and protein, 3) A second cycle to maintain the muscle he had built while cutting up (burning fat.)

You might think time was on Chris Hemsworth’s side during the filming of this movie, but it wasn’t. He fit the workouts in while filming another movie. Dang, there goes excuses for the rest of us!

I read the thor workout routine posted in Men’s Health UK and thought it was a good one. However, it seemed like there was one element missing: swinging heavy things.

After all, Thor swings that heavy hammer around all day long! There was an element of ballistic training in the thor workout routine, and that was with kettlebells. I thought the addition of clubbell, or indian clubs training if you prefer, would be a logical decision. So I created the thor workout-reloaded!

It includes heavy lifting of odd objects like sandbags, but you could stick with deadlifts and squats. Most important, it encourages lots of heavy swinging and core strength work! Don’t worry, you don’t have to pay for it, just click on this link and read for yourself:

The Thor Workout Reloaded


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Indian Clubs Training and Homemade Club bells

MosLadder has posted information on Indian club training and how to make a homemade Indian club before, but it is time for an update.
One of the problems you run into quickly when you train with a homemade Indian club or club bells, is how to add weight to the club. There are several methods I have tried. But first, if you have not seen the posts or videos on making a simple and inexpensive clubbell/Indian clubs, have a look here:

Try these three steps to get a heavier homemade indian club:
1.)  Get a longer pipe. Not too long, because it will make it difficult to perform swing and swipes without choking up on the club. This in turn reduces the resistance and defeats the purpose. However, I have had good results using a longer handle section and ‘club’ section up to about 36 inches.
2.)  Pack your pipes with sand or lead shot. The first is easy, the second can be difficult. Lead is not just stocked on the shelves at your local homeimprovement store. Still, someone may have access to it, and if so, it will pack on the weight.
3.)  This is the best method so far: add progressively smaller pipes inside and then pack with sand. This is fairly inexpensive, allows your ‘indian clubs’ to get incrementally heavier as you progress, and can allow a significant weight increase relative to the size of the pipe. Check out the pictures below:

In the first, I took an 11+ pound club to about 14 pounds, and still have room to increase it. This is in a 2 inch diameter pipe. In the second, I took a 13+ pound homemade clubbell to roughly 24 pounds! The size of the handle and club shaft are only a half inch apart, so it takes away some of the imbalance that makes the clubs effective, but it is still significant.
You may be wondering why you can’t just increase the diameter of the club shaft, then you can really pack it with pipes! The answer is simple: Two inch diameter pipes are easy to find at hardware stores everywhere. Ditto with the caps and reducing couplers in that size.
When you go up to 2 ½ inch diameter pipe, caps and reducing couplers, they are scarce. Now you’re thinking a 3 inch would be perfect, right? Unfortunately, I have yet to find this size in anything less than a ten foot length of uncut pipe for a cost that doesn’t make sense for a homemade item.
You can order these parts at online stores like Grainger. However, the cost of a 3 or 4 inch reducing coupler, 12 inch pipe nipple and cap is high, and again, not cost effective for a homemade clubbell. At this point, you are better off buying from RMax international, even with the shipping. The cost is equivalent or less for an arguably superior product.

One consideration to make before you decide to increase the weight is this: Can you do any clubbell/indian clubs exercise in perfect form? If not, it might be wise to spend some time perfecting technique before adding weight. But don’t stay at one weight forever, either! Load it up and have some fun!

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