A Dumbbell Workout Routine from Hell

Before starting this workout, get a thorough warm-up. Start by rotating your joints from the neck down to the ankles. Then do some light jogging, jumproping or similar cardio activity to get the body heat up.

To do this workout, all you need is a pair of adjustable dumbbells (or access to a nice db rack.) If possible, choose a weight that allows you to do all 3 exercises without stopping to change the weight.

Here is the workout. Perform all 3 exercises back-to-back with no rest in between. After each cluster, rest 1-2 minutes. As soon as you are ready, jump into the next round. Do 3-5 rounds depending on your fitness level.

Floor Press in Bridge

Get into a hip bridge on the floor with the dumbbells held tight to your chest. Press the dumbbells in a straight line while keeping the glutes tight and the heels pressed into the floor. Don’t let the hips sag when you lower the weight. Do 20 repetitions.



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