Cardiovascular Dumbbell and Barbell Workout Routines

Fitting in a muscle-crushing, heart pumping workout in a short amount of time is easy with dumbbell and barbell complexes. In the 10-20 minutes it takes you to complete these short workout routines (including warm-up) you will feel your muscles burning and your lungs gasping for air.

Dumbbell/Barbell Workout Routines

Do each routine without resting between exercises. Aim for 2-3 total rounds, resting between rounds for 60 seconds.

Dumbbell/Barbell Rollout:

Start from your knees, or if you already have a core of steel, from your feet. Slowly roll the weight/s out in front of you until your arms are extended, then roll back to the starting position. Keep your butt and abs tight to prevent your lower back from sagging. This exercise will build up core strength while working your lats as well. 
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