Basic Exercises and Simple Workouts Still Bring the Pain

After about ten takes demonstrating my homemade suspension trainer for my first YouTube video, my body is wired, and I can feel a deep muscle soreness creeping up on me.  With so many ways to explore body movement and so many fun ‘tools’ to experiment with, it’s easy not to give the basics the attention they deserve.

The exercises I demonstrate in this video are simple enough for  anyone to perform:

-Body Rows
-High Pulls
-Bicep Curls
Chest Press, or suspended Incline Push-Up
-Incline chest flyes
-Leaning Pullover
-Tricep Extensions.

Nothing complicated there, but whether you perform them with a piece of rope slung around a fence post or heavy iron, these are basic exercises which we all need to perform some variation of to hit major muscle groups of the upper body.  Just as it is important to explore all the planes of movement, and to incorporate whole body exercises, it is important to directly address the specific actions of our muscles.

So while you’re getting ready to swing around that homemade Macebell (you can read about how I made mine here:  ) or clean a sandbag from the floor, don’t neglect to do your basic bodybuilding.  The benefits will ripple outward and help in all areas of your strength training.

Now get to work and have fun!

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2 thoughts on “Basic Exercises and Simple Workouts Still Bring the Pain”

  1. Thank you for the blog. I enjoy following you as I am a stay at home dad looking for anyway to squeeze in a workout. Your video was helpful to see someone get out and do it rather than read and try to figure it out without a visual. I appreciate your humor and personal touches to make the blog so much more than just an exercise blog. I would love any ideas on eating healthy you may have as well. You can e-mail them to me.

  2. Thanks for the comment Trevor!
    I agree and I will be posting more Youtube videos in the weeks to come. Thanks to your tip, you can also expect a page dedicated to healthy recipes to pop up here soon, that's a great idea.

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