Are you Sloshing your Muscles into Shape?

Get Sloshed!

Have you ever gotten sloshed? I mean really sloshed? If not, you need to introduce yourself to the pipe. The slosh pipe!
The slosh pipe is a fun addition to any muscle building program and is sooo simple to make. The design: A fat PVC pipe, from 2” to 4” in diameter, 10’ (that’s feet, or about 3 meters) long, filled with water or water and pebbles.

Why does this work?

Because the weight has the potential to move on you at any second, your body begins to compensate, slowly at first and then with greater and greater effort. Gym Jones has featured the overhead slosh pipe hold in their tag team workouts and it is a great way to challenge muscle endurance and mental endurance. You will struggle and it will eventually break you. Muwahahahaha!

Slosh Pipe Design
Start with a 2, 3, or 4 inch diameter, 10’ long PVC pipe. Buy two slip-on end caps to fit and a some pvc glue to make sure they stay on and don’t leak. Glue and cap one side and fill it about ¾ of the way with water. For a little extra weight you can add pebbles or sand, but in the larger pipes it may not be necessary. A 2 inch weighs 20-25 pounds, a 3 inch about 28, and a 4 inch about 40+ pounds.Yes, you can afford it. Go. Go get it now.
How it Works
Any exercise can be performed with the slosher, but to illustrate how effective it can be, let’s assume you are using a 2” diameter pipe. Pick it up to do a one arm overhead press, and the first thing you notice is that it takes every muscle in your body to keep it balanced and get it up to the shoulder.

Actually you might notice how it falls off to one side as you attempt to get it to your shoulder. Now press it and try to hold the top position for five seconds. As the water inside shifts, so do the muscles in the body. They are constantly adjusting to compensate for the unbalanced load.

Hold on tight!

Now lower it, trying to keep the pipe horizontal. Go slow! The faster you move, the harder it becomes. The more momentum the water inside builds up, the more extreme the stress of the variable load on the body.

At around 10-15 dollars, the slosh pipe is a dirt cheap addition to your home gym equipment. Try starting out with a 2 inch pipe and performing one arm cleans, overhead presses or bent presses with it to start out.

One arm curls and Turkish get-ups are also nice and challenging. In addition to being a great tool for increasing muscular endurance, the slosh pipe is also a great core workout. Go get yours today and have fun!  

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