TRX Suspension Training Vs. Pullup Bars

If you have not been to the playground or the local outdoor pullup/dip bar station for a workout lately, you are definitely missing out. You get a pass if you’re house has been covered in six feet of snow for a month, but if the temp is above zero and the skies are clear, get out and get moving!

Some of us are lucky enough to have access to places like these on clean playgrounds with smooth matted rubber, others in the sand pit at the local school. Some of you can even head down to the San Clemente pier and workout on the bars with the waves crashing a hundred feet  in front of you. Nice!

One of the great choices those of you into suspension training have these days is whether or not to pack your little two pound package with you when you go. It certainly gives a person options, especially with a nice solid anchor point like an outdoor pullup station. But is it necessary? Which works better, the pullup/dip station or the TRX suspension trainer?

I explore these questions in this article :  TRX vs. Pullup Bars

Of course it depends on individual training goals, what type of energy system you are training that day, and how much abuse your muscles are prepared to take. But all things being equal, which is a preferred method of training? Give it a read, and you be the judge.

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