TRX Force-Better Fitness Product than TRX Pro or…?

For a functional workout that manipulates your body through multiple angles while testing your strength and endurance, the suspension trainer is hard to beat.

Since a previous post mentioned the latest in TRX suspension trainers, the TRX Force, this post is for those wondering if they should shell out the extra 20-40 odd dollars for this package.  Here is a breakdown of the differences between two popular packages:

TRX Home Training System

This TRX bundle has the addition of  a TRX Door Anchor
for use on any sturdy door.  Same effectiveness as if you were
training in a high-performance training center.

For $199 retail, it includes:

-The bright yellow TRX P2
-TRX Door Anchor
-A Basic training DVD, which, if you have never
used a suspension trainer before is anything but
basic.  Not hard to learn, but cutting edge stuff.
65 minutes long.
-A quick start manual.
-1 year warranty.

The TRX Force:

Well, for starters, they gave it that cool desert beige, that’s $20
worth for me right there!  The TRX Force includes:

-The full bodyweight training program using the TRX Tactical Suspension Trainer T1 Model. 
The training program, “The TRX Force Training DVD & Military Fitness Guide,” is a thorough 12 week workout routine, and contains over 2 hours of content.

-The Force also includes a door anchor, something you should not buy this unit without.

 If the main physical difference is color, the level of strength and muscular endurance enhancement is more advanced with the Force dvd’s.  Quality is always a priority, with each unit undergoing a four point quality inspection process, and backed with a 1 year warranty.

So judge for yourself.  Check out the videos below, or read more by following these TRX Force and TRX Pro links.  Watch out though, I promise you are not going to want to leave this little two pound gym behind when you walk out the door.

Fitness Anywhere Video

Fitness Anywhere Video

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For the latest on the TRX Force Tactical Upgrade, go here:

TRX Suspension Trainer Review and Competition

The Best Fat Burning Exercise You are Not Doing

They say this guy lifts odd objects…

If you are one of the rare people that adheres to a regular exercise routine that includes odd object lifting,  give yourself a pat on the back; if you even include odd object lifting from time-to-time you deserve a thumbs up (in a nice way.) Here’s the thing, most people are not doing these exercises regularly if at all, but they are the best way to burn fat and build muscle throughout the body. So what is the best odd object lifting exercise? Could it be the Atlas stone or tire flipping? Definitely great muscle-building exercises, but even more challenging is the dead, shifting weight of sandbags.

Sandbags present a great opportunity to blast every muscle in the body, anytime and anywhere, with minimal investment on your part. Picking up a sandbag means having to make adjustments as you lift. Every part of the core from the gluteus maximus to the top of the abdominal wall needs to be contracted, and the grip on the bag must be strong. Even a shoulder-to-shoulder press demands whole body stability to execute correctly. For this reason, an equivalent workout performed with sandbags will burn more calories and involve more muscles.

Sandbag workouts incorporate many of the same exercises found in any type of training, only with a sandbag the body works harder. Some great exercises for this tool are the clean and jerk, “gravedigger,” snatch, shoulder-to-shoulder and standing military press, front squats and lunges. Put them together and try ‘sandbag burpees;’ guaranteed to get the heart pumping. All of this sandbag training affects the core muscles in every exercise, but doing Turkish Get-Ups or Good Mornings with sandbags presents and entirely new challenge for these muscle groups. Try it once and you will be a believer, just start out light.

There are two ways to get your hands on some sandbags. One is to go to and buy the super tough bags they sell. Another is to grab some old duffle bags or backpacks, head to the local Home Depot, Lowes or Ace Hardware and purchase 50 lb. bags of play sand. With these, wrap them tightly in trash bags and seal with duct tape. Stuff them in your backpack or duffle bag and you are ready to work out. The savings is significant and if they start to leak, they are cheap to replace.

Sandbags are easy to make and cheap, but definitely offer an exciting and hardcore workout.  Check out the exercises from Josh Henkin below for some ideas:

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A Great Functional and Fight Workout To Build Whole Body Strength

Dropping into the Burpee
Second step of the Burpee
Top of the Burpee
Good Mornings
The Sandbag Lunge