Fat-Burning Muscle Building Holiday Workout Routines!

Want a great way to burn fat and build muscle?
Here’s a sample bodyweight workout  you can do to get ready:

3-4 rounds of non-stop:

-Burpees x10-20
-One leg ‘airplane’ squats (non-working leg behind, hands out to side) x10-12 each leg
-“Skaters” (side to side slide hop) x10 each leg
Divebomber Pushups x10+
-Atomic sit-ups with side-to-side twist: x10-20

Ready for a sample of the Week 1 Holiday Workout routine?  To do these workout routines, it helps if you have a TRX or other suspension trainer and some kettlebells. At the least, a barbell and dumbbell set or a gym is necessary.Here ya go:

Warm-up, joint rotations and bar only complex. Then:
1st giant set, perform 3-5 times (depending on fitness level;) 2 minutes rest max. between each.
Power Cleans x 3-5 @ 60-70% of 1 RM. Execute the movement with as much speed as possible in perfect form.  Follow immediately with:
-Jump Squats and 10-12. Push hard off the landing and don’t rest between reps.
1/2 KB/DB Sling blade x 12-15 each.


Plyometric Push-Ups: Perform bouncing or clapping push-ups for 5-10 reps depending on ability. Do more if you can, as long as speed stays constant. Combine with:
TRX One Arm Rotating Pull-To or Resistance Cable ‘Cross’ Punch x 5-10 depending on ability. Stop set when reps slow down.
Using barbell, single dumbbell or single/double kettlebells, perform the following ladder set. *If using single DB’s or KB’s, don’t forget to repeat the reps for the other side, that’s almost double the work!)
Snatch: 1 to 8 reps with matching number of seconds of isometric hold at top of movement.
Example: Rep 1, hold at top for 1 second; rep 2, hold at top for 2 seconds and so on. Stop the set if you are struggling with the weight, or drop weight and immediately finish. Weight must move with maximum controlled speed throughout set. Do 3-4 sets depending on individual, 60 seconds rest between.
Brief rest, then finish with Hindu Pushups to Rollbacks x 12-20, 2-3 sets, 30 seconds rest between.

The schedule is set, the Holiday Season is coming, what are you going to do???

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